At Slope and Intercept we believe that wine is about moments past and present. The lifeline of a wine is made up of many moments. A good bottle of wine brings all these moments together when it is opened.

In each bottle of Slope and Intercept wine you will find a sensory description of the varietals, time, place and human effort that all play a role in the final product. We at Slope and Intercept cherish the wine regions of the West Coast. We make wine from the West Coast grapes that reflect our lives and the places we love.

A line is a deceptively simple thing, as is a bottle of wine. But in both the final product represents a complex assembly of pieces. Points on a line, moments in time: these are what ultimately influence the final product. We invite you to enjoy the moment you open a bottle of our wine with thoughts of all the other moments that led up to it—in the wine’s life and in yours.

Slope and Intercept Paso Robles Red

Slope and

2014 Paso Robles Red

61% Petit Verdot / 39% Souzao


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Past Release - 2013 Paso Robles Red

Slope and

2015 Paso Robles White

100 % Grenache Blanc


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Past Release - 2014 Paso Robles White

Slope and Intercept Paso Robles White


Jason Joyce approaches winemaking with the same philosophy he applies to his daily life: the small parts that make up the whole are what are truly important. Each day is made up of moments, and Jason lives in these. For a winemaker the tasks of the day vary from week to week and season to season. Crafting wine is art and science, construction and demolition, deskwork and physical activity.

Jason graduated from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA with a degree in organic chemistry. He worked for several years as a synthetic chemist in San Francisco’s biotech industry. He found the work to be interesting and meaningful, but found also that it did not allow him much room for spontaneity and exploration.

In 2007 Jason’s search for a more holistic occupation led him to a job as a harvest cellar hand in Paso Robles, CA. He continued on in Paso Robles’ growing wine industry, and became head winemaker at a boutique winery on Paso Robles’ west side. In 2013 he began making wine for his own label, Slope and Intercept. This project has allowed him to explore the craft of winemaking from a new and rewarding perspective.

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We don't have a cool fancy web store but we will still sell you our wine. Please feel free to call and we'll set you up. We might be in the field too, so leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Or email anytime.

Wine Club

The Slope and Intercept wine club ships each year in early November. Each club member will receive a mix of red and white wines, selected by our winemaker. Members can choose to receive 3, 6 or 12 bottles per annual club shipment (red/white splits for each club level: 2/1, 4/2, 8/4). Club members also receive advanced invitations to our annual winemaker dinner. Wine club members get 15% off on club shipments and other wine purchases. To join our wine club please contact us via phone or email.

House Calls

We make house calls: our winemaker will come to your home or hotel in the Paso Robles area to do a private tasting with your group. Tastings are also available at our winemaking facility in westside Paso Robles by appointment.

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